Eucharistic Minister:

This ministry provides the privilege of distributing the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to those attending Mass, shut-ins and parishioners in the hospital and nursing homes. Periodic training sessions for new Eucharistic Ministers are offered as announced in the parish. If you know someone who needs Holy  Communion brought to them, please contact the parish office.


A rewarding opportunity to help proclaim the Word of God. All qualified women and men are invited to this position with the assistance of instructional sessions. If you would like to learn more about this ministry, contact the parish office.  We also encourage teens and CYO members to participate in this ministry.


A singing parish is a praying parish. There is a need for song leaders (cantors) to encourage the congregation to sing. A variety of cantors, musicians and choirs are already in place but new members are always welcome and appreciated. Contact the parish liturgy coordinator.


Men and women and families of the parish are encouraged to participate in this special role for Saturday evening, Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Contact the parish office to be placed on the schedule.

Gift Bearers:

This is a wonderful way to participate in the Mass by having the family bring the gifts to the altar at the Offertory. Any individuals or families interested in this ministry can contact the parish office to be placed on the schedule.

Acolytes/Server Information:

Boys or girls who have completed the third grade at St. Bernard or second grade at St. Ignatius can serve Mass after receiving training.

Each year Server Training is conducted in effort to review on serving skills.  Our servers play an important role in our weekly Mass celebrations so it is important that they know what is expected of them.  When Father Heina performs Server Training, he walks through the entire Mass, allowing servers to ask questions as they arise.  Servers are also provided with detailed instructions that they may take home and review before serving.  It should be noted that servers should always wear church appropriate clothing and shoes, have hair pulled back and out of their face, and not chew gum or candy as it is distracting for the congregation.  Servers at St. Bernard consist of youth in grades 4-12+ and at St. Ignatius consist of youth in grades 3-12+.