Parish Committees

Evangelization/Welcome Commission:

The Evangelization/Welcome Commission assists the pastor to initiate and to conduct programs of ministry to the unchurched and to catechumens; to reach out to the inactive or disaffiliated Catholics in the parish; and to welcome and integrate into parish life new parishioners and the newly initiated.

Evangelization efforts in the parish are ongoing. If you are interested in helping in this area to bring more people to active membership in the Church and consequently a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus, please contact the parish office.

Liturgy Commission:

The liturgy is the climax of the Church’s activities and the basic source of its power.  In all the sacramental celebrations, but especially in the Eucharist, the Lord’s Paschal mystery is recalled and celebrated.  In the Church’s memorial, the community re-establishes its own identity as the Body of Christ.

The Liturgy commission assists the Pastor in providing liturgical celebrations which convey a rich, real, and communal experience of God.  This commission promotes the development of liturgical ministries (voice and instrumental musicians, lectors, acolytes, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, environment, etc.)  It plans and prepares for Sunday and other special liturgies.  It provides to the whole parish liturgy education activities.

Christian Service/Family Life Commission:

It is the purpose of this commission to promote and coordinate programs that will guarantee justice and charity in full measure for all members of the parish.  This commission has the responsibility of enabling members of the parish to respond to the social problems of today, giving special care to the poor, the lonely, the aged, the oppressed and minority groups.  It is also the purpose of this commission to promote the growth of people, especially by strengthening family life within the parish community.

Celebrating Our Blessings! As Catholics, we believe one of the greatest blessings is that of new life. St. Bernard’s and St. Ignatius would love to help you celebrate your new blessing by purchasing a plant in honor of your unborn baby. When you contact us, an announcement will be made at Mass, announcing the expected arrival. We will keep the plant at church and nurture it until the baby is baptized. At that time, the plant will be presented to the family. So if you are expecting to welcome a new member to your family, and you’re ready to make the big announcement, please contact the parish office, Michelle Homolka, Family Life Coordinator, 472-4166, or Bert Rojas at St. Ignatius, 472-4807.

Respect Life Commission:

The purpose of the Respect Life Commission is to promote respect and the protection of God's gift of life from conception to natural death through education, pastoral services, public policy, prayer, and worship. We seek conversion of all hearts and minds to a Culture of Life.  Events are held throughout the year, including the Life Chain, held the first Sunday of October. 

Stewardship Commission:

This commission assists the pastor in identifying and drawing out the God-given giftedness of time, talent and treasure in our parishioners for the benefit of ministry in our parish and wider community.

One dimension of our relationship with Jesus Christ is coming to an awareness that all we are and all we have is from the Lord. We are called upon to be good stewards of the gifts which God has entrusted to our care. Stewardship is becoming partners in God’s work on earth.