Parish Councils

St. Bernard Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils:

Matt Jundt
Lori Kroboth
Paul Bahr
Laurel Davis
Stacey Halbgewachs
Kurt Spachek
Aaron Johnson
Cheryl Rathbun

St. Ignatius Pastoral and Finance Council:

Phyllis Dolezal
Barb White
Kayla Vague
Miranda Fleming
Cyndy Young

The Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council form lay leadership groups that are consultative to the pastor. The Council meetings are convened by the pastor.

Finance Council assists the pastor in matters of budget, maintenance, and insurance.

The Pastoral Council is an energizing, coordinating, and unifying organism of parish pastoral and spiritual life.  The Pastoral Council assists the pastor in matters of Liturgy, Education, Christian Service, Family Life, Respect Life, Stewardship, and Evangelization/Welcome.

The function of each commission within the councils is to:
 1.      Identify the needs of the parish in its area of responsibility.
 2.      Communicate those needs to the Council and pastor.
 3.      Formulate long-range goals and objectives after prioritizing needs.
 4.      Develop means to implement these goals.
 5.      Submit the proposed means (programs) to the Council for approval and support.
 6.      Communicate with the pastor about the implementation.
 7.      Maintain communication with the respective diocesan offices for guidelines and resources.
 8.      Provide ongoing formation for members in areas of concern through workshops, recommended readings, and other appropriate means.

In our parishes, meetings of the two councils are separate, but membership is the same.

In St. Bernard Parish, membership is determined through a discernment nomination process undertaken by the council membership followed by consultation by the pastor with the prospective nominees.  The St. Bernard Councils meet monthly, except in December, on the third Thursday evening.

In St. Ignatius Parish, membership is determined by a discernment of candidates by the current council membership with a vote taken from the parish membership at a weekend Mass.   The St. Ignatius Councils meet every two months (in July, September, November, January, March, and May) on the second Thursday of the month.